Welcome to Gonzo Gardens. Here you will find an overview of a wide variety of optical delights, mad doodlings, and visionary landscapes which express my views and experiments in energy, fantasy, and form. Take a look around and enjoy your stroll through Gonzo Gardens.


A new Steampunk Gardens section has been added to the website Art Lab & Gallery. In addition, two more illustrated comics from my series published in Landscape Architecture Magazine have been archived over in the Comics & Books section.


My latest book, the "Illustrated History of Landscape Design" takes an optical sweep of iconic landscapes constructed throughout the ages. Organized by century and geographic region this highly visual reference uses beautifully detailed pen and ink drawings to capture the eye and delight the mind. Historical literary sources are illustrated in a "Graphic Novel" format to communicate the influence of these texts on landscape architecture. You can find more information in the Comics & Books section.