Teaching Philosophy

"You cannot have a theory of representation---
You can only represent……
Any effort to explain the world must begin with a leap of faith."

--George Johnson

Beauty and truth are my guiding beliefs as I seek to create and teach landscapes of meaning. My goal is to encourage new ways of seeing, and new ways of thinking and solving problems that will respond to ever changing environmental circumstances. I attempt in my teaching to lead each student to his/her own vision and imagination and try to inspire student to find their own sources of creativity. Innovative exercises and assignments have been developed to encourage students to become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

The act of drawing, painting and reading are integrated into each studio's design process. The LA 103 studio is built around the principals of "Garden and Climate", with a focus on climate modification. I have also introduced the study of choreography of space and integrated the use of storyboards as a way to animate the landscape. LA 135 'The Art of Landscape' has evolved into an Alchemical laboratory for invention and visual perception through a system of experiments that build confidence in the student's process of imagination and invention.

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